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Procedure for Dental Implants in Leeds

To place the dental implants a small cut is made in your gum to expose the bone where your tooth/teeth are missing. A hole is created and the cylindrical titanium implant is placed. The gum is then stitched back over the implant and left to heal for a few months. This is to allow the bone to grow around the dental implant (osseointegrate), making it secure. For more info visit

This is done painlessly under local anaesthetic.

In most cases the final crown, bridge or denture is fitted onto the dental implants a few months after implant placement. However, in certain situations we may place the final crown on the implant at the same visit, for instant tooth replacement!

Can I have Sedation for my dental implant placement?

Yes. One of our cosmetic dentists in Leeds will assess you for the suitability for dental sedation, as they have all had comprehensive training in the management of anxious adult patients via the use of sedation.

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