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Inhalation Sedation

If you are a nervous patient DO NOT stop going to a dentist as that will only damage your teeth further. Instead of ignoring your dental health you could get in touch with us for inhalation sedation relative analgesia which will put you at ease and sedate you for the duration of your treatment appointment.

Laughing gas, or as it is known scientifically nitrous oxide, may help you get over your nervousness and we are proud to offer inhalation sedation performed by trained specialists at Clarendon Dental Spa.

How is it done?

From your perspective its quite simple; you sit on the chair and wear the delivery apparatus on your nose. A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is delivered to your nose through the tube connected to the nose piece. The gas will pass through a machine that mixes nitrous oxide and oxygen at certain percentages of each to give the optimal concentration needed to sedate without bad side effects or over-sedation. The air exhaled will be passed into an exhaust tube that sucks it away.
Nitrous oxide is a fast acting gas that will give you effective sedation at 4 levels and those levels are

1. Tingly sensation in arms and legs mainly and possibly a feeling of vibration.
2. Very quickly after level 1, warm sensations will kick in followed by
3. Feelings of wellbeing, floating and euphoria and this level may progress to causing auditory effects mainly in terms electronic throbbing like sound in your ears.
4. This is the deepest level of sedation that precedes over sedation. In this level you will experience sleepiness and an inability to keep your eyes open.  When at the dentist you will not reach this level. if over sedated you will experience nausea and may vomit but you should not normally get to this level as the trained dentist will insure you get only the dose you need to get to the third level of sedation.

Advantages of nitrous oxide sedation include:

  • The fast action it has. Nitrous oxide is a small molecule that can cross the brain blood barrier giving its effect in seconds.
  • The depth of the sedation can be varied easily and quickly by monitoring the mixture of gases administered and changing the percentage of nitrous oxide.
  • It was once said that nitrous oxide makes you drunk but without the hangover! this is another good point...the hangover part!!!
  • The titration method used to deliver nitrous oxide means that the dose will be increased incrementally allowing for a controlled sedation onto the level needed.
  • No injection is required.
  • It has been shown to be a safe sedation technique by many research papers.
  • It minimises or diminishes the gagging reflex!


  • If over sedated may lead to nausea and vomiting.
  • Some people are worried about not being in total control when on nitrous oxide.
  • Some people may have a high tolerance and may not achieve the desired sedation using nitrous oxide.