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Surgical Endodontics

A number of problems that cannot be solved using the non-surgical techniques may require surgical endodontic therapy to remedy. These include, and are not limited to:


  • Specific root fractures that can go unnoticed/unseen on an x-ray. Often such tiny fractures in your tooth can only be seen when the root is visualised surgically. vertical root fractures  that extend from the root to the top, and some other tiny fractures, will not be noticed until the tissue and bone surrounding the tooth gets inflamed. Often the treatment of such a problem would be to remove the affected root and seal the bottom of it.
  • Inaccessible root ends in some cases can dictate a need for surgical intervention. This can be due to the anatomical structure of the tooth, calcium deposits, narrow canals or other problems that would mean an inability to treat near the end of the root. Surgical intervention will be needed to get near the end of the root and treat it.
  • Sometimes following a non-surgical endodontic treatment the tooth may become diseased. that can be soon after the  non-surgical treatment or years after that. There is an array of possible causes but the most common is the presence of a cyst at the end of the root causing inflammation and infection of tissues and that can only be removed surgically.
  • Root resorption, when the tooth is eaten away at the root end, sometimes occurs for unknown reasons. This can only be remedied using surgical techniques.
  • By far the most common surgical treatment is root end resection, also known as apicoectomy. This surgical technique involves cutting off the end of the root that maybe causing a problem for one of many reasons and then filling it at the end to seal it and aid recovery.

At Clarendon Dental Spa, we are proud to offer oral surgery to an extremely high proficiency level thanks to the extensive training and skill of our oral surgeons.