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Smile Makeovers in Leeds & West Yorkshire

We create smile makeovers using – cosmetic crowns & veneers, Orthodontics, white fillings, Dental implants, tooth whitening and many other techniques

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Common problems Possible solutions
Discoloured teeth Tooth whitening, white filings or Cosmetic porcelain veneers
Big/Small or unevenly shaped teeth Orthodontics, Cosmetic porcelain crowns or veneers
Unsightly Crowns Cosmetic porcelain crowns or veneers
Crooked teeth Orthodontics or Cosmetic porcelain crowns or veneers
Unsightly metal fillings White fillings
Sensitive teeth Topical fluoride, white fillings
Missing Teeth Cosmetic denture, bridge or implant
Loose dentures Implant retained cosmetic dentures
Cracked / chipped teeth White filling to rebuild teeth

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