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FAQs about cosmetic dentistry

Who gets cosmetic dental treatment?

No longer monopolised by the rich and celebrities, cosmetic dental treatment is now accessible to anyone who is not happy about their smile. The advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry mean that cosmetic dental treatments are less invasive than they ever used to be and come with no pain or major discomfort.

Who will know that I underwent cosmetic dental treatment?

For those who know you really well, it may be easy to tell that your teeth look better and that your smile is more beautiful than it ever used to be. Others will notice that you look better but will struggle to know why but those who meet you for the first time will only be dazzled by how great your smile is.

What can be done and how extensive can the work be?

Depending on your functional and aesthetic needs the cosmetic dentist will decide and how much needs to be done. Generally, with cosmetic dentistry almost everything is possible! You may choose to have a smile makeover done where the contours of your teeth will be redefined and your teeth whitened. If you need orthodontic work but don't wish to have to wear braces, then you can have veneers and crowns that will fix the crowding and gaps between your teeth. If tooth loss is your problem, then there is a range of treatment options available and those can include cosmetic bridges and implants. If your whole mouth needed reconstruction to redefine the features that can also  be achieved with cosmetic dentistry. Regardless what the reason for your concern is, there will be something to do to give you the best smile possible.

How expensive is it?

The cost of your cosmetic dental treatment varies and depends and the type and extent of work needed as well as the area where you live as some areas are more expensive than others. For more information about the specific estimates, contact your cosmetic dentist to evaluate your needs and how much your new beautiful smile will cost.

How many appointments does it take to get the dream smile?

Again this depends on the nature of the work to be done. This could take anything from 1 to 3 appointments usually.

How long does cosmetic work last for?

The new materials used by cosmetic dentists is amazing due to its durability and aesthetics. How long it would last for depends on what you had done and what the dentist used. Some crowns and veneers would last for 15 years where as teeth whitening may need to be repeated after 2 or 3 years.