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Wisdom Teeth Removal (Oral Surgery)

The most prominent form of oral surgery is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction can be required and vary from:

  • Pain from teeth that cannot be repaired either via tooth decay, tooth/root fracture, trauma
  • Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Deciduous (baby) teeth that have failed to fall out, preventing the eruption of permanent teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment plans, as these may require the removal of some teeth to achieve the desired results

We are proud to have two specialist oral surgeons who work alongside highly qualified dentists in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Clarendons has treated over 7,000 patients for oral surgery since 2008. Our hard work has also been recognised by Leeds PCT, Mid-Yorkshire NHS Trust and The Leeds Dental Institute. This has come in the way of us receiving prestigious secondary care contracts from these recognised organisations to treat their patients.

We believe that there is no better place to have your wisdom tooth or teeth extracted!

Clarendons is also thankful for all the referrals we receive, for wisdom tooth removal and oral surgery, from over 100 dentists throughout Leeds & West Yorkshire.

For more information, check out our FAQs on wisdom teeth removal

Our Oral Surgery team includes: