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Internal Tooth Bleaching

Internal tooth b leaching is not always the first method of choice to whiten teeth. This method is used in specific cases of discolouration like that of a front tooth following root canal treatment. This method is applied on one tooth at a time and it involves:

  • Drilling a hole to access the tooth cavity.
  • The whitening agent is applied inside the tooth in the hole drilled and the holes is then closed with a temporary filling. The whitening agent is a strong peroxide.
  • The cosmetic dentist will review your case after about 3 days of applying the whitening agent and may decide to replace it with a new patch of peroxide. This procedure is repeated 2 or 3 times until desirable results are reached.
  • When the desired colour is reached, the cosmetic dentist will remove any whitening agent from inside the tooth and seal it with a permanent filling.


  • A single discoloured tooth will be whitened effeciently.


  • Cannot be applied on more than one tooth at a time and may require root canal treatment before the whitening is done.
  • Is only suitable in certain cases.
  • requires drilling the tooth.
  • The final colour of the tooth may mnot always match that of the neighbouring teeth.