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Dental Sedation Dentist in Leeds

Your first visit:

Here you can spend time with the dentist to discuss your concerns. This is so your dentist can understand your concerns and help you to overcome them. Your dentist will also take a full medical history to ensure you are suitable for sedation.

Visit 2.

Starts with a comprehensive dental examination, followed by a simple treatment (e.g cleaning and polishing your teeth).

Keeping things simple at first will help you to acclimatize to the new environment and build a trust and rapport with our friendly team.

Visit 3.

Your journey towards a beautiful smile and more healthy and confident you begins.

Soon you will find visiting the dentist a walk in the park!

Clarendons offers the following sedation methods to aid patients in their visits to us:

Intravenous Sedation in Leeds

This is a method where a safe and effective drug (Midazolam) is used to provide patients a warm and relaxed state. This then allows any necessary treatment to be carried out.

Your dentist will assess you prior to this procedure to see if you are suitable for this. This will include a measurement of your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and pulse etc. All this is done using our non-invasive painless monitoring devices.

During the procedure we will continually monitor your blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart readings and pulse, using monitoring equipment seen in hospitals.

All patients are also given an anaesthetic cream which is placed over their skin where the cannula (needle) is to be placed. This makes the start of the procedure comfortable as possible.

Oral Sedation in Leeds

We can even prescribe you with a tablet to take, to help relax you, before your dental visits.